YES. At times, an insurance company or agency may direct you to a shop they feel comfortable with. You have the legal right to choose your own body shop.
YES, with our computerized paint mixing system, colour matching is normally easy to achieve. Proper vehicle care aids this end result.
Look for references, testimonials and longevity in the business. Make sure there are certified mechanics working on your vehicle and inspect the facility. Is it neat and clean and does it look up to date?
You only need one estimate. Your insurance company will send its own or an independent appraiser to view your damages.
An appointment is not required for most estimates. However, large, complicated repairs may require a teardown, which means you’ll have to leave your vehicle at the shop for a short time. All of our estimates are provided free of charge. Serpa Collision center does not provide rental vehicles on site. You must contact to insurance company to arrange a rental vehicle, and in most cases, dependent on your policy, it would be included in the claim and not money out of pocket.
If this is an insurance claim—unless it is waived by the insurance company—you are responsible for your deductible and any applicable improvements and the HST tax. These must be paid when the vehicle is returned to you.
Any damages of $1,000 or greater require a police report and accident sticker whether insurance covers it or not. Please complete this prior to bringing your vehicle in. By law, the collision must be reported within 24 hours. This should be done at the collision reporting center nearest to the site of the car accident. The closest reporting center to us is located at 39 Howden Rd, Scarborough, ON M1R 3C7.
Normally about 30 minutes including reviewing the claims process with you. In some cases, vehicles are damaged internally beyond what is visible without dismantling the vehicle. In this case, we will notify your insurance company appraiser upon their arrival.
Serpa Collision Centre has installed the best available technology to repair both traditional frames and today’s more common unibody construction. We are equipped with CAR-O-LINER and the GUY CHART P4 SYSTEMS. Both are pinpoint-accurate for measuring deviations from manufacturers’ specifications and restoring your frame or unibody to its original dimensions.
That mainly depends on the extent of the damage and the availability of parts. The manager will be able to give you a good idea of how long your repair will take when you come in for your estimate.
The insurance company may not know where you are having a repair and therefore will write only for the most basic estimate. We will contact the insurance appraiser and negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get your vehicle back in to pre-accident condition.
Many vehicles have multiple layers of highly specialized paints. Our training, equipment and equipment will refinish back to its factory appearance.